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akron video production

PEG Update February 2018

2018 has been really exciting so far (and really busy!)Check out everything our team was up to in the month of February.…


Animation is Awesome

Ok, I know I’m a little biased, but I’ve got your attention so hear me out. I get to do lots of different things at work, because here at PEG we offer so many different services. But I get excited to…

Industry Philosophy

Gear Up with PEG: JVC ENG Cameras

In this episode of Gear Up with PEG, Jeffrey talks to Ryan about the versatility of our JVC ENG Cameras and why they are perfect for live streaming and live events.…


My Creative Inspiration: Brianna

I have been a "creative professional" for just about a decade now. And everyday for those last 10 years, I have been constantly inspired by people far more creative than I will ever be.…

Company Culture

Gear Up with PEG: Sachtler Tripods

In this episode of Gear Up with PEG, Andrew and Ryan discuss the origins of the word "tripod" and talk about why our Sachtler Tripods are our go-to for almost every video shoot.…


PEG Update January 2018

Our first PEG Update of 2018! And boy, has it been busy around here. Check out everything we were up to in the month of January.…