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PEG Reveals: My Biggest "Aha!" Editing Moment

Being creative means there isn't always a right way or wrong way of doings things. Over the years, forming their own ways of working, their own tricks-of-the-trade and found their own favorite things! This series explores our super-talented creative team and how they feel about a few things.

My Biggest "Aha!" Editing Moment

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My biggest aha moment was really understanding the workflow and flowchart of After Effects. If you understand it it seems like second nature, but to new users it’s pretty mind boggling. And it’s like riding a bike, I feel like now I’ll never forget how it works.

These are our team headshots, they cover the video production team and the marketing team.


I use custom workspaces in every software that I work in. For example, I have a custom workspace for file assembly, coloring, editing, and audio work to name a few.


I would say my favorite aha moment was figuring out how motion tracker in after effects worked and just having a ton of fun with it.  

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