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My Editing Playlist: Craig

Sometimes, we all need an extra source of motivation to fuel our efficiency or creativity.  My mom loves listening to disco music while she’s cleaning. I have some friends who can’t work out and pump out one rep of high weight without waiting for their exact favorite moment from a song.  And everyone knows how silent silence can get on a long car trip without any music. Who does that? Well, I do - sometimes. I usually enjoy driving in silence to give my mind a chance to reflect, pray and breath as I try to unravel thoughts without the distraction of music.  

But, in my situations, especially when sinking in on a video edit or motion graphics sequence, I get on YouTube and do a search.  I have no problem admitting that I am behind when it comes to the best apps for music listening like Spotify, Pandora, etc. But YouTube has always been a quick way to find exactly what I’m looking for with other YouTubers creating relevant playlists.  YouTube also can create playlists for you if you are usually listening to the same songs in a given day - no matter how random they may be.

As for what gets me going, my taste in music can range dramatically.  Just this summer, I was having a very strange 80’s kick and was listening to I Ran almost daily (embarrassed).  Sometime, certain aspects of life will begin a binge listening series. Driving with my dad who listens to nothing but classic rock got me into Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, The Eagles, etc.  When Bohemian Rhapsody the movie came out, I got more into Queen than ever. I play video games from time to time. Super Smash Brothers and their classic, iconic, Nintendo characters eventually had me listening to 8-bit original stage themes from Megaman, Zelda and Metroid.  I also was into the then-current rap scene when J-Cole, Wiz Khalifa, and Kid Cudi were putting out content in their early phases. In college, I really got into the Jackson 5, Temptations, Four Tops and more. My music taste usually fluctuates - but at some time or another, I have got into almost all forms of music except country.  I am still trying to acquire a taste for that even though my fiance loves going to shows!

But with whatever I am currently in to, the music sits nicely in the background of my mind while I use another part of my mind on sequencing together an impactful moment in a video edit, whimsically animating some characters to life, or attempting sleek motion graphics to give the project some edge or modern style. The music can pick me up when I’m stuck or pump me up when I’m in the right direction and fuel me to keep working efficiently and creatively.  


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