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Industry Philosophy

Staying Creative Outside of Work

In this line of work, it can sometimes be hard to remember that your job is fun. I know it sounds crazy. “But David, you get to be creative everyday and work with a bunch of cool technology!” Yeah I…

Industry Philosophy

Selecting the Right Music Track

What’s the first sense that you associate with video? Most would likely say sight, especially in today’s world of scrolling through social media and being bombarded by a barrage of content. By…

Industry Philosophy

Can I get my RAW footage?

Short Answer - Yes, we can provide you with RAW files from your shoot. But as Jeffrey explains on this episode of Lights. Camera. Answers., that might not be the most helpful. Our team will always…

Industry Philosophy

2019 IDEA Conference Recap

Another year of the IDEA Conference is officially in the books and it was another phenomenal experience!The team at IDEA puts on an incredible conference every year and this year in San Diego was…

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