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Industry Philosophy

Tools of the Trade - Software

Here at PEG, we have plenty of tools that we use to get our jobs done. They aren’t all just nice cameras or accessories though. We also have an arsenal of programs we all use on a day-to-day basis to…

Industry Philosophy

PEG Field Trips

When you think back to being a child, what were some of your favorite days at school? If you were like me, often times, those were the days of field trips. The opportunities to get out of the…

Industry Philosophy / News

NAB 2017 Review

Ah NAB, the Mecca of the video production world. This year was the first time we made the trip out to Vegas, where all the biggest (and smallest) names in the industry come out to show off their…

Gear / Industry Philosophy / News

NAB 2017 Impressions

As the guy who spends at least a week reading about all the new gear and software announced, released, and demoed at NAB, I felt like a kid in the world’s biggest, and most expensive, candy store when…

Gear / Industry Philosophy / News