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Drone Shoots: What To Expect

Drone shoots are always an exciting idea, but there are a few things you need to be aware of before you can jump right into the action. When planning a drone shoot for commercial purposes there are…

Gear / Industry Philosophy

Do You Still Have My Footage?

Weeks? Months? Years? Exactly how long do we keep your footage on our servers? Jeffrey has the answer for you on today's Lights. Camera. Answers.…


Why Is Stock Footage Not included In My Cost?

On today's Lights. Camera. Answers., James explains why items like potential costs for stock photos or stock footage aren't finalized until the very end of the video project.…


Why Shoot in 4K?

On today's Lights. Camera. Answers., Josh explains why when it comes to the benefits of shooting 4K - it's all about the pixels. Lots and lots of pixels.…