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Gear Up: Aputure P300c Lights

App control, built-in effects, unlimited RGB colors and more - check out why we love our Aputure NOVA P300c lights.…


Gear Up: DJI Ronin 2

Our DJI Ronin 2 three-axis stabilizer system is a lot to look at (and say!), but there is no better option for getting those smooth, cinematic motion shots.…


Drone Shoots: What To Expect

Drone shoots are always an exciting idea, but there are a few things you need to be aware of before you can jump right into the action. When planning a drone shoot for commercial purposes there are…

Gear / Industry Philosophy

Do You Still Have My Footage?

Weeks? Months? Years? Exactly how long do we keep your footage on our servers? Jeffrey has the answer for you on today's Lights. Camera. Answers.…